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“Charity is the sweet and holy bond which links the soul with its creator; It binds God with man and man with God.”   – Saint Catherine of Siena

Action Plan

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A) Location & Resources: Park/Location: The mobile shower service will be a stationary unit that can be mobile if necessary.  We are working to secure a location in the downtown area; possibly at a local community based agency.    Dump: Local city sewer lines need city approval (others, may involve additional cost).  A local RV Park storage yard sewer hook-up has been donated for use. B) Community Outreach and Local Support: Collaboration with local community organizations and local faith based churches will involve extensive work.  We have discussed this effort with the South Hayward Parish, and they are supportive.  We will also rely on the communications network of our 50 plus ministries, including but not limited to St. Vincent de Paul, the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club, Justice and Peace, and the Knights of Columbus Ministries.  We will collaborate with other Catholic Churches in Hayward. The primary message that we will convey is that we are not enabling the homeless, but that we are providing showers as just a first step in their path to recovery and becoming self-sufficient again. With the showers, they can begin to feel confident to go to job interviews, ride public transportation to meet their case worker, go to their medical appointments, etc. Currently there are other shower programs in the surrounding area but because of the sparseness of the offering and the distance from the downtown area, we believe that we will complement existing services. We have disused this effort with our St Vincent de Paul Society, All Saints Catholic Church, and City of Hayward Council Members. We will continue to solicit support from all sectors of the community. C) Staffing & Security: We plan on an extensive recruitment of volunteers.  The sources for staffing will include the Knights of Columbus, All Saints Parishioners, volunteers, and possibly off- duty police officers. Collecting Stats & Outcomes:  We will seek guidance from entities that are involved with the homeless like South Hayward Parish, Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul, Tuesday Morning Breakfast, Hayward Homeless and Hungry, Alameda County, Everyone Home and other resources.

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Currently serving Hayward, California
Our gratitude to Lava Mae (LavaMae.org) for allowing use of photos from their online YouTube video, “This Mobile Shower Is Restoring Dignity to the Homeless”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J8xeEkADCM