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“Charity is the sweet and holy bond which links the soul with its creator; It binds God with man and man with God.”   – Saint Catherine of Siena

Proposed Budget

Funding and Sustainability

Funding & Sustainability: Comparative cost and funding will be a determining factor. Proposed Fund raising Apply for grants Catholic Campaign for Human Development grants (Catholic Charities) St. Vincent De Paul City of Hayward Fund Raising Donations from organizations, individuals and parishioners Others Cost: (Start-up) o Mobile (Trailer)                ±$35,000 o Trailer maintenance (supplies, labor donated) 1,500 o Laundry units           1,000 o Water $500 per mo. X 12 months      6,000 o Electric water heater                                       2,000 o Electricity $500 X 12 months 6,000 o Towels/soap/cleaning supplies/misc                 5,000 o Insurance 1,000 o Estimated subtotal  =                ±$57,500
eMail: Info@HaywardMobileShowers.Org • ph: (510) XXX-XXXX.
Currently serving Hayward, California
Our gratitude to Lava Mae (LavaMae.org) for allowing use of photos from their online YouTube video, “This Mobile Shower Is Restoring Dignity to the Homeless”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J8xeEkADCM