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“Charity is the sweet and holy bond which links the soul with its creator; It binds God with man and man with God.”   – Saint Catherine of Siena


How you can help the homeless

Dear Concerned Community Member: We are writing this letter for your kind-hearted donation to our campaign, “Hayward Mobile Showers” program. The “Hayward Mobile Showers” Committee is a collaboration of Hayward based organizations who are working against the plight of the homeless and poor.  We organize campaigns and appeal to people and companies to contribute their financial support (or in- kind) for the help of the needy in our community. We are in the building stages of this project and need your assistance in establishing a foundation for our program.  We are requesting either cash or goods that would be used directly towards the program.  We are currently seeking similar donations or grants from other concerned business persons or agencies.  Your generous contribution would make an impressive impact to the service(s) that we intent to provide. There is an increasing number of persons who are homeless and live in Downtown Hayward in rotating housing arrangements, for example, on a friend’s couch, in their car or in an encampment.  They often who do not have access to showers or clean clothes.  To shower they must travel to South Hayward, San Lorenzo, or Castro Valley in search of facilities.  They must either walk, bike or travel on public transportation in an unclean state, which could be costly or embarrassing.  This condition affects their interaction with society and their ability to secure employment or seek social assistance.
As a generous donor, you are celebrated as a valuable member of our community.  For additional information, you can visit our information section on this website. You will also receive a certificate of recognition for your support. Please feel free to contact us via the e-mail addresses below for additional information about this community endeavor. Your support is necessary for the success of this community program. Sincerely, Hayward Mobile Showers Members ATM@HaywardMobileShowers.Org RLara@HaywardMobileShowers.Org
eMail: Info@HaywardMobileShowers.Org • ph: (510) XXX-XXXX.
Currently serving Hayward, California
Our gratitude to Lava Mae (LavaMae.org) for allowing use of photos from their online YouTube video, “This Mobile Shower Is Restoring Dignity to the Homeless”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J8xeEkADCM